Buy an Air Conditioner or Fan?

In today’s article we will help you a little to solve the question about whether to buy an air conditioner or fan.

Buy an Air Conditioner or Fan

Buy air conditioner or fan: advantages and disadvantages

There are a variety of household appliances for the ventilation of the house, there are fans and portable and fixed air conditioners, and these hot days it’s best to know how to deal with the heat to be very well prepared to withstand the high temperatures.

There is a wide variety of options, in this case we will talk about the fans and air conditioners. Something important you must know to make a good decision is that it’s not only the budget and the price of the product, you have to be clear that the best to overcome these hot days is quality.

It’s not enough to buy a very cheap device thinking that you will save some money without first thinking about whether it will really be useful for these heat waves.

To choose between air conditioner or fan you must know all its advantages and disadvantages before making a decision, remember that you cannot only be based on the price of the product.

The advantages of buying fans

What are the advantages of buying fans? Find them out below.

Different styles and presentations

This type of device comes in different presentations and styles. For example, there are those that come with blades in table, wall or floor format.

There are others that are ceiling fans, these have large blades and something that you should consider is that they need an installation, therefore, it’s something that you must take into account when buying it, since you have to go to a technician or a specialist for installation. Also this type of fans can have lamps, that also brings some decoration to your home. Finally, there are the tower fans that hide the blades.

Buy an Air Conditioner or Fan

Low price

The first advantage that fans have is their low price, of course, this varies depending on the model of fan you choose. Prices range from 20 euros to about 400 euros. The most economical are the portable fans that don’t require a specific installation.

Little electricity consumption

Another very interesting point is that the fans consume little electricity, therefore, it’s a good option, since in addition to its benefits you will have considerable energy savings.

Disadvantages of buying fans

Regarding its disadvantages or conditions of use, it’s that the fans don’t lower the environment temperatures, therefore, when they exceed 30 degrees they will lose their effectiveness. It’s also important to clarify that these types of devices are only effective in small rooms and close to people.

Air conditioner and its advantages

You must bear in mind that the location of the air conditioner is very important, since this will depend on its efficiency to one hundred percent. For this, it’s better to consult with a professional and evaluate according to your home where it would be better to install the air conditioner.

Regulation of the temperature

The first advantage of air conditioner is that you can regulate its temperature to your liking, it’s best to place it at a temperature between 21 and 24 degrees, without taking into account the temperature outside.

Nowadays, most of this type of household appliances are used for summer as well as for winter since they have a heat pump, of course this is up to a certain temperature and in very cold places they are not very efficient.

Depending on the size of the room where you want to install the air conditioner you can choose the refrigeration units, which can be used in much wider spaces. In addition, a single temperature can also be maintained within the entire house.

Air Conditioner or fan

Disadvantages of air conditioners

Finally, regarding some disadvantages that these units have, we find mainly the price since it is a bit high.

Maintenance of the unit

Another point is the maintenance you need to have, at least every two weeks. On the other hand, energy consumption is much higher.

And you? What do you prefer, air conditioner or fan? Share your opinion in the comments below


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