What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A Prefabricated House?

Have you thought about buying a prefabricated house? Being a different option doesn’t make them a less favorable option. Today in VillasBroker we’ll tell you all you need to know before buying a prefabricated house, so keep reading!

Buying A Prefabricated House

Buying A Prefabricated House

As we explained in a previous post, a prefabricated or modular –as it is called in some countries- house are properties that are built with prefabricated materials that are made in one place and are moved to another already stablished area for its assembly to start.

These properties are built swiftly and are cheaper than the other more traditional building option. Nevertheless, there are other things that should be taken into account when buying a prefabricated house. Examples such as:

  • What Terrain Is Best For A Prefabricated House?

We can’t just simply order the materials and build the house anywhere we want; precautions must be made so we don’t damage the structure and prevent any kind of danger- for ourselves as well as any other person involved-.

If we’re thinking on using the property as our permanent place of residence, it’s recommendable that the terrain can be developed and has access to basic services such as: electric power, water, waste disposal, among other things.

In case you want to build it in a more rural area, you must have the necessary permits of the country in which you’re building it in. So you don’t have any problem and avoid being accused of polluting the environment.

So the best thing you can do is to go to your town hall or the legal entity that manages urban planning in your country; and ask for the necessary authorization. They will be able to give you the terrain specifications; and tell you if the house you want to build is compatible with it or not.

Once you have all the permits and the necessary information about the location where you want to make your prefabricated house on, you will avoid any kind of scare or unpleasantness and start building your house with no problem at all.

Buying A Prefabricated House

  • What Building Materials Should I Pick For My Prefabricated House?

Nowadays prefabricated houses adapt to their owners needs and their designs are getting more innovative as time goes by.

The materials used in their construction vary, but the main ones are wood, steel, concrete and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

Wood tends to be the more common building material due to it being the cheapest option, being elegant and moldable. But its lifetime is less than that the other materials; and at times if the maintenance is not made in a correct way, the results can be even more expensive to take care of.

Structures made out of steel are very resilient and lasting, but aren’t very attractive; and people have opted to use other better building materials as concrete instead of it.

Prefabricated houses made out of concrete are as resilient as those that are made of Steel; but are far more adaptable to any kind of environment and even the price of the material is much lower than the more traditional ones.

Another material that is used as an alternative to the previous one is PVC. It’s also very resilient and lasting, besides enduring extreme climates, both cold and hot ones alike.

Buying A Prefabricated House

  • Must I Pay Taxes For My Prefabricated House?

This will depend on the place it’s located in, because housing policies of every specific country are different. But, for example, in Spain you not only need an urban license, but must also pay a small amount of tax concerning the construction and installations. But this is only so if it’s considered a real estate asset.

If you’re located in a rural area, you’ll need a certificate of occupancy; and the costs will depend on the autonomous community where the property is located in.

Are you thinking on buying a prefabricated house? We hope this information has been very useful to you.


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