Coexistence Norms In A Community

Today in VillasBroker we’ll talk to you about coexistence norms in a community and the rules that every owner must follow to able to live together in harmony.

Coexistence Norms In A Community

Coexistence Norms In A Community

Have you ever had bothersome neighbors that you can’t stand? We bet you have. Don’t worry, there’s something called “coexistence norms” that are applied in any kind of community. Something that you should get to know so that you as well as your neighbors should follow.

Who Do These Coexistence Norms Apply To

For every property owner in a community. All must follow these rules and follow them through perfectly to avoid any disagreement or misunderstandings between property owners.

This way, life in the community will be much more harmonious and you won’t have to worry about being surrounded by any bothersome neighbor or being said kind of neighbor for everyone else.

Coexistence Norms Inside The Community

Keep Your Payments Up To Date

Generally, on small enclosed livings areas, buildings as well as communities, a monthly quota must be payed concerning the common services of the area; such as gardening, security, lighting and many other things.

If someone doesn’t meet their payments, the services in said community will be lacking thanks to the lack of money to afford them. So don’t be the neighbor that never pays and keep your payments up to date to avoid any problem with everyone else in the community.

Coexistence Norms In A Community

Excessive Noise

It has surely happened to you that you’ve had very bothersome neighbors that play music you don’t like very loudly. And not just that, but you also have that bothersome noise during the whole day as well as the night; which doesn’t let you sleep or relax in your own home.

Playing music is completely allowed, but you must be considerate and keep it at an adequate volume. The idea behind this is to not be a bother to your neighbors.

The same thing happens with loud construction noises. To avoid any trouble, any construction work should be done during the daytime on work days and at certain hours (for example, at work hours).

Coexistence Norms In A Community: Respect Other People’s Property

Don’t be that neighbor that puts the trash on common areas or the one that draws strange things on walls. The best thing you can do so your home stays decent and doesn’t lower its value is taking care and respecting said property.

This way, you’ll live in a better way and so will your neighbors. All of this thanks to the great vibe that a clean, orderly and well taken care of residential area will give to all of its residents.

Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Everyone Else

Do you have any neighbor that doesn’t follow the previous norms, is disrespectful and has caused any problems for you? Don’t be afraid to tell the other neighbors; or communicating this to the community’s secretary telling him to handle the administration of said real estate.

This way, you’ll be able to deal with this matter, fining or giving a warning to the property owner that doesn’t know to live along the rest of the neighbors. In some countries these kind of situations or infractions done by a property owner can even end up in the legal system to end said problem.

Coexistence Norms In A Community

Be Respectful

Lastly, the best way to keep a community harmonious is to be respectful. If neighbors treat each other with courtesy and solve any disagreement they may have by talking, your coexistence in the community will be even more successful.

Additionally, the previous coexistence norms must be followed. The idea behind all of this is to maintain a healthier environment for everyone and to avoid any problems within the community.

After all, no one wants to live in a hostile environment where they can’t even exit their home without going through a bad time with a bothersome neighbor.

We hope this information has been very useful to you!

And how about you? Did you know about these coexistence norms in a community? Share your opinion on the comments below 🙂


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