Decor your house with recyclable materials, it’s possible!

What can you do when you have not enough space on the wall to place and store things? Well, it’s the right time to redesign and decorate your home; but this time you are going to take advantage of recyclable materials. Find out some ideas to decor your house with recyclable materials.

decor your home with recycable materials

Decor your house with recyclable materials, how?

Don’t limit yourself at the time to decorate your house, actually a can or a bottle can turn into a great decorative element.

So it’s time to take all those plastic containers and get down to business. Undoubtedly the recycling technique can be applied to all areas and objects that can be imagined.

The green wave and awareness about the care of nature has reached us all; and it’s incredible how many grand and useful things can be done with objects that we used to throw away.

Air shelves

The ideas that we bring you in this opportunity will help you give a more pleasant image to those boring hangers.

For example you can make shelves that are hanging on the wall and completely on the air; so you can get an extra storage space, besides giving a very fun touch, because these hanging shelves won’t go unnoticed.

They are really simple to do, just enough to have the materials and some tools that most of us have inside the toolbox.

decor your home with recycable materials

Wood tables to decorate with recyclable materials

As the years go by, it’s remarkable that the wood-based decoration is taking more ground in the field of decoration, interior and exterior design.

Specifically when it comes to redesigning a space in a house, it can be the room, the kitchen or the living room.

Wooden pallets are still valid; yes, it’s true, they are not something new, but it’s almost always good to see finished pieces to serve as inspiration and motivation; and so you can do them without having to buy them in a store.

It should also be clear that for those who don’t have the ability to create their own furniture, today there are many people who are responsible for making furniture with wood; usually at very reasonable prices.

For example, making a coat hanger with wood chips and painting it with various colors is a great idea; or you can also make a garden table with a rustic and opaque color.

Decor your house with recyclable materials

Recycle and Reuse to decorate your house

Take advantage of what you already have and reuse it, transforming it into something new and cute to fill your home, office or business premises with color.

Reuse and recycle items that would otherwise go to the garbage or to the place where they are recycled.

Recycling will save you money because you won’t buy new objects for the decoration of your home or office.

The idea is to take advantage of what we already have and to reuse it into something new and beautiful to fill every corner of our house or workplace.

There are many ideas of recycling with tires; or with the combination of color and fabric with animal print design; resulting in a chic touch, and of course providing the ecological side.

In short, nothing is disposable; everything can be used as a design object to have a home more original and colorful. So, planning to decor your house with recyclable materials? go for it 😉


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