How To Keep Good Relations With Your Tenants

Finding good tenants can be a bit difficult, and since probably nobody likes the idea of starting that search process again and again, today in VillasBroker we’ll tell you how to keep good relations with your tenants and avoid inconveniences.

Relations With Your Tenants

Keeping Good Relations With Your Tenants

Renting your property is a great way to gain some extra income, but finding good tenants can be somewhat tedious. And once you find the perfect tenants for your property for rent, you’ll surely want to keep them. Find out how to keep good relations with your tenants. 

Your Tenants Are Like Clients

The same way as you would provide attention to a customer on a store; your tenants must be treated the same way. You must maintain an open communication, be respectful and take their needs into account, among other things.

You must take into account that your tenants are clients to whom you’re offering a very valuable service: the opportunity to live in your property. So the way you behave with them will be the same way they will behave towards your property.

Some tenants are afraid of communicating with the property’s owner, be it from the lack of trust between both parties or because they’re not being treated in the best way possible.

Try not being one of those lessors that no one wants to deal with. Be approachable to your tenants and they will have enough trust in you to tell you what they want to say.

Your Tenants Are People, The Same As You

And as people, they also have problems and difficulties. Be understanding without being scammed.

Giving your tenants a chance to live in your property and to make a home for themselves is pretty important, and you should feel good with this idea as long as the tenants value your property.

Making them feel comfortable and “just like home” as soon as possible will surely make the relationship between you and your tenants to grow sooner than usual.

Relations With Your Tenants

Limitations And Rules

It’s important that you stablish rules and limitations that the tenants will have when renting the property; ones that both parties agree to.

Sometimes there are contracts that overly favor the property’s owner without taking the tenants opinions into account; a thing such as this can make tenants leave the property soon.

In fact, it’s a good idea to ask the tenant repeatedly if he understands and if he agrees with all that is stablished in the leasing contract; so everything is clear and they consider you an attentive person.

The best thing to know is how the dynamics of the community work; this way it’ll be easier to stablish rules that are convenient to both parties and nobody is on the losing side of the deal.

The Smaller Details Matter

This may look like a phrase taken out of an inspirational film, but it’s the truth. Good relationships between people are based on constant small positive details; and this advice can include your tenants as well, why not?

Maintaining a good relationship with your tenants depends on them trusting and respecting you, and of course of them taking care of the property they are renting from you. So as a way of saying thank you, or as a small detail, you could send them a Christmas card, welcoming presents (they don’t have to be expensive ones), or offer them a small discount in a month’s  rent.

You can also answer their requests in a quick way and pay thorough attention to their opinions; asking how everything is once in a while and treating them kindly can be the difference between them being great tenant’s or ones that will make the rent process a terrible one.

Relations With Your Tenants


As always, communication is a key factor in cases such as these. We keep mentioning it again and again so you know how important it is.

An open, clear and respectful communication between property owner and tenant is always the best way to keep in touch. Make sure that they are aware and understand: what you dislike, what is going on in the property and why.

We hope this post on keeping good relations with your tenants has proven useful to you 🙂


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