Combine powerful photos with powerful headlines to highlight your home sale ads

If everybody says that not all houses are the same, then why are there so many similar real estate listings? It’s time to stop writing pleasant ads and start helping potential buyers to visualize what it’s like to live in a house. Find out how to combine powerful photos with powerful headlines to highlight your home sale ads.home sale ads

How to highlight your home sale ads? Importance of the top of your ad

What is the most important part of any advertisement? The top, of course! In a previous article we talked about how to make an announcement of a house for sale thanks to the recommendations of Ian Grace in his post titled “Match Powerful Photos with Powerful Headlines to Get Ads Noticed“.

Now, let’s go through the second part, how else can you highlight the home sale ads? Here we will tell you how a picture and a good title can achieve incredible results.

Image and headline should be attractive

When it comes to marketing a property, it’s essential to ensure that the image and the headline at the top of the advertisement are powerful enough to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Because it is in the nature of people go from one ad to another, instead of reading the whole text. It’s important to understand that the first thing they notice when they see an ad is absolutely vital to help them decide to read more…

Unfortunately, most real estate listings completely ignore this rule.

home sale ads

The ad must offer a benefit to buyers

How to highlight your home sale ads? First, in order to capture the initial interest of potential buyers, the ad has to offer them a benefit, communicate news, information, or wake up their curiosity.

The advertisement must offer a benefit; communicate information or wake up interest in the people that see it

For example, imagine a property that has a beautiful ocean view from the back terrace or porch. Now, suppose we have a headline like “See the yachts navigate …”

The body copy could continue with “Relax and lay on your back, with your favorite drink in hand, while you enjoy this glorious view of the sea, seagulls spinning and yachts sailing.” – Do you have the picture already?

home sale ads

The perfect picture

Get the perfect photo that works in sync with the ad headline!

Now, what would be the perfect photo to complement that headline? You got it, right? A photo taken from the back cover, with the perspective that the potential buyers will possibly enjoy once they are living there, in their new home.

home sale ads

Photos and headlines must work together no matter what

With the perfect combination of picture and title, you can see how well they work together to give the potential buyer a clear picture of what they will be able to do at home as a result of their purchase.

Photos and headlines in sync

Do you remember the three basic rules when making an announcement? … Certainly, in an example like the one above, a photo of the front of the house would not make any sense.

In this section we find the most common problems. When checking out home sales ads, whether in magazines or internet, pamphlets or newspapers, what do you find as the main picture in most cases? A photo of the front of the house.

If the rule of headlines and photos complementing each other makes sense, then ads with the front the houses as main photo and different headlines can’t work very well together.

And you would be breaking one of the most important rules of advertising: placing the most important part at the top of the advertisement. Therefore, the main photo does not have to be the front of the house.

home sale ads

To summarize, if you want to highlight your home sale ads combine powerful photos with powerful headlines to attract potential buyers.

We hope the information in this post will be very useful for you! 😉


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