House inspectors: are they really necessary?

Are you thinking of buying a property and want everything to be perfect? Then you must not forget that every detail matters and that house inspectors are included in the list.

Today at http://www.villasBroker.com we will tell you a little bit about home inspectors, so you can decide if they are really necessary or not. Buying a house may be the biggest investment a person makes during his life, so to make sure to cover every detail should be your priority.

House inspectors

Why are the house inspectors hired for?

Most house inspectors are hired to examine old houses because they are more prone to defects due to the years they have built. However, that doesn’t imply that a new house shouldn’t require an inspection before being purchased.

What is a housing inspection?

It’s quite simple, just imagine that you examine the property carefully with a magnifying glass to check every single detail.

In general, it should be done with a certified inspector to avoid paperwork or security problems. This person will thoroughly review problems of plumbing, electricity, leaks and defects in the general structure of the property.

They guarantee that the house is in perfect conditions to be inhabited, and if they don’t give their approval the property can be discarded from the real estate market until it’s completely repaired and meets the necessary requirements.

Why should we perform an inspection to our property?

Well, not all houses are perfect, even the new ones have building defects that we cannot easily see ourselves. That is why the help of a professional may be necessary.

As in new homes nobody has ever lived in them, there is no way for you to realize by yourself what kind of problems it has at first sight.

Just imagine that you signed the papers of a new house and the next day you found out that it has strong leaks in a wall and they are not easy to repair. This kind of thing happens when you don’t hire a professional inspector.

House inspectors

Advantages of hiring house inspectors

They help you verify if it is a good investment or not

Hiring a professional and certified house inspector will help you avoid costly repairs and bad deals.

If it’s a new or old house that needs too many repairs, it may not be the best investment, why? because you would lose a lot of money even before moving.

House inspectors Help you solve problems before moving

Obviously if the proper inspections to the property are carried out (at least twice per year), you can find all those details or major defects that must be repaired long before buying the property.

And if you detect them in time, you could repair them before moving. You just need to notify the person in charge of the construction to repair each of the defects before they can become expensive damages with much more serious consequences.

This way you won’t have to deal with this type of problems once you have moved. Also, you would be taking a load off while enjoying your new home.

House inspectors

Hiring a private house inspector or using one of the state?

The housing inspectors of the state can be much cheaper and even free. But you must take into account that they work for the state and not for you.

They will only look for all the defects in the construction that suppose a violation to the construction codes, any other detail won’t be important and therefore they won’t notify you of it.

While an inspector hired by you will be responsible for conducting a thorough review for your convenience, since it works only for you and your needs.

We hope this information has been very useful 😉 What about you? Have you ever hired a house inspector? How was your experience? We invite you to share your opinion in the comments section.


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