How to keep good tenants

Are you tired of finding lousy tenants and just when the good ones appear, they don’t last long enough and you have to start the whole process again? Today in Villasbroker we bring you some tips to keep good tenants longer. Keep reading!

keep good tenants

Tips to keep good tenants

Finding good tenants is always a complicated task and renting your home to anyone is not the best idea either.

To avoid the classic terror of tenants who don’t pay on time, those who destroy the property, those who never want to leave and all those other things that torment the owners, it’s not only necessary to find good tenants, but also to know how to keep them.

This way you avoid losing good tenants and risk getting 100 more in a couple of months.

– Inform yourself

Investigate regularly about current market conditions and the types of tenants seeking rental properties.

If you understand better how the current rental property climate works, then it will be much easier to attract the type of tenant you want. In addition, it will also help you make a better decision during the contract renewal process.

– Keep an open communication with your tenants

The only thing that scares good tenants faster than rental prices is poor communication with the owners.

It’s necessary that a tenant stays in contact with the property owner, who must be available to discuss and quickly solve any problem that may arise.

It’s always better if the conversation is done in a peaceful, educated and patient manner. Since you and they won’t always agree with everything.

You could also hire a real estate agency that is responsible for all the management of the property in your name; always keeping abreast of what happens from time to time.

keep good tenants

– Do not be so rude with the rental

The high cost of a rental can make any good tenant run away so fast that any trace of them being there will completely disappear.

If the tenants are good, being flexible with the rental is an excellent way to keep them. Anyone can, for economic reasons, get delayed with the rent one month. In this case you don’t have to be so hard, as long as they don’t fool you.

In addition, sometimes lowering the rental a little may favor you in the future. And if a tenant makes an offer at the time of renewing a contract that is not totally outlandish, don’t rush to discard it, evaluate the possibilities of what it implies for you.

 – Don’t be close-minded to opinions and advices

Always listen to the opinion of your tenants on how you could improve the property and the service you are offering. They know better than anyone what the house needs.

And if you have hired a real estate agency, listen to the advice they have to offer you in the same way. They know the state of the market and the tenants who are currently looking for properties.

They could recommend doing some renovation that is not very expensive or maybe a simple change of painting and decoration; elements that make the property continue competing in the real estate and rental market.

Keep Good Tenants

– Put yourself in your tenant’s shoes

Think about what they will be looking at when renting your property, the quality of the facilities or the state of the accessories and more.

You can also imagine that it’s you who want to move to a rental property and that you are looking at your house for the very first time. Think: would you rent this place at this price? Is it really worth it?

We hope that our article named How to keep good tenants has been very useful for you 😉


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