Tips to keep your home clean if you have pets

How to keep your home clean if you have pets? Definitely, having pets make our days full of joy, but sometimes the cleaning becomes a bit complicated; so today at Villasbroker we will give you some tips to keep your house clean if you have pets, don’t miss them!

Keep your home clean if you have pets

How to Keep Your Home Clean If You Have Pets

Pets are an important part in the life of many people; but for health reasons and to keep your house tidy and in good condition all the time, you need to keep in mind some things when it comes to cleaning.

Keep your home clean if you have pets with the following tips:

1- Choose your pet’s breed well

It’s important that you consider before adopting a pet which breed of dog, cat or any other animal suits you better; if you have a small house you shouldn’t get a gigantic dog; or if you are allergic to animal hair, don’t choose a very furry one.

Keep your home clean if you have pets

2- A corner dedicated to your pet

Pets must have a proper place to sleep, eat and play that can be cleaned easily. Their beds for example have to be made of materials that can be easily washed and don’t accumulate too much dirt; this way keeping their area clean will be easier for you, and more comfortable for them.

Also having all their toys sorted in a drawer that you no longer use will serve to make your house look tidy.

Keep your home clean if you have pets

3- Unpleasant odours

Bathe our pets regularly is essential to avoid unpleasant odours at home; it should be done with special products to make their fur soft and shiny; you can ask your vet which product feels best to your pet.

Another quite recognizable odour in our pets is bad breath; in some pet stores or veterinary clinics they sell all kinds of products to take care of dental hygiene of your pet and thus to avoid the bad breath.

Keep your home clean if you have pets

4- The hair

This can become very annoying for many, if you have a very hairy pet it’s best to vacuum with much more frequent the tapestry of your furniture, carpets and of course the area dedicated to your pet.

It’s also very advisable to brush your pet periodically to avoid excessive hairs in the environment. In addition there are also many utensils that can serve you for this job, not just the vacuum cleaner.

If you want to remove hair from clothes, curtains, beds or couches, you can use a wet sponge or a sticky roller that you can find at any pet store.

Keep your home clean if you have pets

5- Prevent your pet from damaging your furniture when it’s boring

If your pet spends a lot of time alone in the house, it tends to get bored and will find fun with any object in your house including curtains, furniture, ornaments and more.

In addition, if your pet is still a baby, their teeth might not be fully mature; so anything to chew will be perfect to solve this issue, which is not convenient for our shoes and wooden furniture.

To avoid this, you can get toys adapted to its age and kind; so that it can be entertain all the time when it’s alone and forget about your furniture. It’s also advisable to keep objects that can easily break; cushions or exposed wiring out of reach.

Keep your home clean if you have pets

6- The bathroom of your pet

How to keep your home clean if you have pets: Well… If you have cats, having a litter box gives you no problem at all; you just need to be clever to integrate the little box into your home decor. But make sure it’s somewhere ventilated; if not there are also closed boxes with deodorizing filters to keep your house smell free.

If you have any other type of pet, such as dogs, the best is to take them out for a walk or train them to make their needs in a specific place and in this way keep your home clean.

Keep your home clean if you have pets

We hope this information has been very useful to you. ¿What do you do to keep your home clean if you have pets? Share your opinion in the comments below! ☺


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