Find out here 7 mistakes that you should avoid when selling your home in 2017

Find out here 7 mistakes that you should avoid when selling your home in 2017, don’t miss them!

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Mistakes you should avoid when selling your home 2017

Have you ever wondered why some houses are sold really quickly and others remain on the market for months? … Probably because of some of the common mistakes shared by Amanda Thomas in her article “7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home”.

Have you ever had a friend or acquaintance whose house was in the market for months, or even years, without receiving a single offer? This, without a doubt, is a nightmare for homeowners.

Without realizing it we actually make mistakes during the buying and selling process

Sometimes the market is to blame for why houses aren’t sold quickly; but another reason could be due to common mistakes that owners have committed during the process.

In this article you will find out some of the most common mistakes people make when they put their homes up for sale.

If you can avoid these mistakes, often committed by ignorance, you can increase the chances of selling your home faster than other houses in your neighborhood.

Mistake # 1 – Choosing the wrong real estate agent

The first mistake people usually make when selling their home is choosing the wrong real estate agent.

Forget about bringing your cousin, or that guy with whom you shared the school, etc…

Choosing the right person to help you sell your home isn’t something you should take lightly.

This is not the time to bring your cousin, or the guy to whom you shared high school with; or maybe that lucky friend you have. Unless these people are also great real estate agents, just don’t do it, please.

The real estate agent must know very well your neighborhood

The main idea is to find someone who knows very well your neighborhood and is very familiar with it. This way, they can help you ensure your home has a fair price.

Pick an agent who sells houses on a regular basis

You should also look for someone who sells houses on a regular basis, not just a couple of houses a year. So you can be sure you know what’s really going on in the market right now.

Find an agent who can give you an honest feedback

Also, the agent you choose shouldn’t say yes to everything you want, avoid agents who only tell you what you want to hear. You need someone who gives you an honest feedback from your home and its value.

Choosing the right agent is one of the most important things you can do

Be sure to talk to a few agents, so you can be 100% sure of getting the help you need from the right professional that you can trust him to do the task of putting your property up for sale, and of course selling it!

selling your home

Mistake # 2 – Not preparing the house for pictures

When your house is for sale, images are what make people start connecting with your home. Good images can bring more potential buyers at your door, and the more buyers see your home, the more likely it will be for you to get a good deal.

On the other hand, bad images of your house make people want to simply move to the next house for sale…

The most common mistakes people do when preparing their house for sale (avoid making the photos look ugly!)

  • Not fixing the mess in the house
  • Not making the beds and tidying the rooms
  • Leaving trash in the house
  • Having too much furniture in the rooms
  • Not having neutral paint colors on the walls

When potential buyers see things like these in pictures, they usually think that the house was not well maintained, or that it will take a lot of work to fix it after the purchase.

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Well taken photos allow buyers to picture themselves in your home

You should help potential buyers begin to picture themselves in your home; receive advice from your real estate agent or hire a professional decorator to help you make your home look wonderful and perfect.

selling your home

Mistake # 3 – Not cleaning up before demonstrations

Imagine walking towards what you expect it will be the home of your dreams, only to find out that the bathtub is covered with a disgusting residue of black mud, the bases are covered with a layer of dust, and the kitchen with a visible layer of grease…

Being able to see beyond that mess is a bit complicated. That’s why is so important to give a great first impression.

We only have one shot to make a good impression

When we talk about property sales, we only have one shot to make a good first impression.

Potential buyers can’t simply stop imagining the dirt once you’ve showed it to them.

You may find an investor who will renovate the property and don’t mind the dirt … However, if you think you have the opportunity that someone will find your house as their dream home, make sure you don’t scare him when he walks through your home.

Hire a professional cleaning service

If you have never hired a professional cleaning service, it may be time to do it to get your home look the best as possible.

selling your home

Mistake # 4 – Keeping your home way too personal

When it comes to selling your home, buyers don’t want to go inside the house and see all your personal stuffs.

What they want is to enter and begin to imagine them in your house. The hard part is if they see all your photos, your child’s trophies, and your collection of creepy porcelain dolls, they will have lots of troubles imagining their things at your home like if they were in their own house.

Turn your house into a white canvas so that buyers can begin to imagine living in that house … So clear as much personal touches as you can.

Put your personal items away

Begin to box your personal items and store them away until the house is sold.

General rule: if it has face or name, remove it.

If you’re not sure what to remove, use this general rule. If it has a face or a name, it should be removed for security reasons (remember that strangers are walking around your house after all). And you should remove everything that creates disorder in the house too.

Yes, you will feel as if you are living in someone else’s house while the house is in the market, but you are actually living in someone’s future house, they just haven’t bought it yet.

selling your home

Error # 5 – Ignoring storage areas

Another mistake when selling your home is to ignore the storage areas. Before you go to push all your personal items into a closet remember that potential buyers also want to see how much storage their new home will have.

Potential buyers will evaluate whether your home has enough space or not

They will probably ask you to open the closet doors and to take a look in the garages and storage rooms to start evaluating whether your home has enough space for all of their things or not.

If you just throw items and boxes into the spaces, the storage may seem smaller than it actually is. And limited storage areas can scare buyers.

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Organize the storage spaces the best you can to highlight every corner

You can help to highlight every corner of the storage in your house when you organize the storage spaces; remove anything that is not absolutely necessary in the home.

Maybe it’s time to give away some items or rent a storage space

This is a good time to give items away that you don’t use anymore; or to rent a storage space for a few months to simply get things out of your house.

Make sure you clean the storage spaces before the first presentation

No matter how you decide to clean storage spaces, do it before your first presentation to make sure all your potential buyers can see how much functional storage space your home actually has.

Selling your home

Mistake # 6 – Forgetting about outdoor spaces

Once you’ve seduced your potential buyers with the interior of your home, make sure you don’t scare them with the exterior!

  • Broken and missing tiles are a red flag for roof leaks.
  • A lawn without special care and crumbling exterior paint are indicators that the house may not have been well maintained and needs more repairs.
  • Plenty of shrubs or piles of leaves in the yard show buyers how much work the yard will require.

Don’t forget to clean the landscape

Make sure buyers are seeing the best that your house has to offer, and be sure to clean the landscape.

Do a deep wash or at least sweep the yards and sides of the house; Make sure your windows are clean so the views can be enjoyed.

Selling your home

Mistake # 7 – Being too emotionally connected

This happens when homeowners are too attached to their home to commit to selling it.

This can be observed in different ways. People could intentionally ignore the 6 previous tips because they “know more than that” and they could “do it better”; Even though their real estate agent has told them that they need to clean up and prepare the house.

They also might not be willing to lower the price of the house or take a lower offer.

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Separate yourself emotionally from the house you’re selling

If you are really ready to sell your house, do whatever it takes to separate yourself emotionally from the property. Only then you would make objective decisions. If you think you can’t do that, consider waiting some time to put up your house on the market.

Putting a home up for sale is stressful; even more if you are not willing to lower the price a little or solve other problems that appear.

So get ready mentally to let the house go before putting it on the market.

We hope our article titled 7 mistakes that you should avoid when selling your home in 2017 will be useful!

And what about you? Have you ever sold a house? What recommendations do you took into account or what mistakes did you make when selling your home? Share it with us in the comments below! 😉 


Amanda Thomas (2016). 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home. Retrieved from: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/money-finance/real-estate/7-mistakes-to-avoid-when-selling-your-home



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