Properties in Inca: why invest in Mallorca?

Are you thinking of buying a property in Mallorca? Find out here the advantages of buying properties in Inca.

Properties in Inca

Why buy properties in Inca?

Are you thinking of buying properties in Mallorca? Find out here the advantages of buying a property in Inca.

Third biggest city of the whole island

This town is located between Palma and Pollensa. It’s the third largest city on the island; it’s quite industrialized and residential.

It has been reformed with amazing projects as the years pass; although its traditional buildings have remained intact, retaining a wonderful charm that attracts tourists throughout the year.

Inca is characterized for its fertile land

The land that surrounds the city is quite fertile, so large harvests and groves have been established. And from there are extracted a great part of the natural products that are sold in the city.

Properties in Inca

How is it like to live in Inca?

After Palma, Inca is one of the cities with a privileged location in the center of the island and is easily accessible thanks to the train and the public transportation system.

Good shops offer

Inca is a residential city. However, it does have a great range of shops of wide variety for all tastes.

Any service is easy to find

This is due to its proximity to the center of the city and its residential area.

Luxury hotels

But not only that, you can also find an impressive number of luxurious hotels, which offer all the amenities you may need.

Inca, also known as the leather capital of Mallorca

This is due to the footwear factories and the long tradition they have on the island. In fact the renowned Mallorcan brand “Camper” has its main store in this city.

Competitive prices

In addition, with the large number of markets and factories, full of leather products and the best harvests of the best quality, Inca offers the best prices you can get on the island.

Properties in Inca

Excellent starting point for explorers

On the other hand, as it has excellent transportation links, it’s an excellent starting point for those who wish to explore the island.

You can reach in a few minutes to the northern coastline of the island, to Palma, or to find out the villages within the island.

Properties in Inca

Inca attractions

Weekly market

In Inca, the main attraction is its weekly market, which is held every Thursday without fail. It makes up a myriad of small stalls that fill the main streets; in them you can get everything you need with an excellent quality, like food or products made in leather.

Monasteries and buildings full with mallorcan culture

As it’s a big city, you can find several monasteries and buildings full of Mallorcan culture.

Although, as a city that has been reformed over the years, its architectural and cultural heritage is mixed with modern and innovative buildings, which draws many tourists every year.

Attractive gastronomy

Gastronomy is also an important part of this city; its restaurants offer a great authentic experience of the local food.

Especially the well-known “Celler”, a chain of small restaurants that offer local food with a unique quality.

Properties in Inca

Properties in Inca

Inca is a reformed city, so the offer of properties is wide enough; mainly apartments and houses, but also modernized houses can be easily found.

Great variety of properties with land in Inca

Due to its large size, there is a great variety of properties with enough land for sale on the outskirts of the city, and their prices are stable.

The main difference between the most recent and the oldest renovated properties lies in the price. The modern ones are usually worth considerably more than the properties that have already built up a certain time.

As always, we recommend that you contact your real estate agent in Mallorca to help you find a property that fits your needs at an excellent price.

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