How to make a successful open house?

Selling a property is not a simple task and that is why there are always new and innovative ways to sell a house. If you are looking for ways to make a successful Open House, today in Villasbroker we bring you some tips so you can make one successfully.

successful open house

The realization of an Open House is not so complicated, the main thing is to choose a day and invite potential buyers to the property. But if you really want to have a successful Open House, you should follow some of these tips.

How to make a successful open house? Prepare the house

If you were wondering how to make a successful Open House, you can’t miss the tips that we will share below.

Cleaning & Decoration

The first thing you should do is prepare the house to receive potential buyers. This goes from cleaning to decoration. Everything that is necessary so that they are interested in buying the property.

Depending on the decoration used on the property, it will attract different types of buyers; But definitely a messy and dirty house won’t get any offer. Be careful.

Make your guests feel comfortable

Also, you must prepare the property to accommodate a lot of guests and make them feel comfortable.

The main advantage of an Open House is being able to show the property to as many people as possible and it’s a difference that draws much attention compared to the visits of common properties.

successful open house

Hire a Real Estate Agency

As much as the person knows to sell properties, it’s always good to have the help of a real estate agency that knows how to change the perspective of potential buyers.

It’s common to think that when an Open House is made, the only thing that is sought is to sell the property quickly and obtain all possible profits; and if customers think that way, then the offers will decrease as they will surely think that there is something wrong with the property; or that the owner needs quick money and will try to take advantage of that.

That is why it’s highly advisable to hire an agent that makes them feel that it’s just a curious and innovative technique to sell the property without thinking that it’s just to get some money quickly.

Organize the event at a good date and time

The best thing about making an Open House is the ease of time it gives both those in charge of selling the property and those interested in buying it.

It’s better to look for a flexible schedule and out of the ordinary for the comfort of all. In fact, it’s very common for this type of event to take place during the weekend so that potential buyers have more time to spend at the time that best suits them, without hindering their daily activities.

successful open house

If you really want to make a successful Open House, improvisation can never exist. You must have everything planned in advance to solve unforeseen problems with time.

Advertising must start at least 15 days before the date of the event

The advertising must be done by all possible means so that potential buyers don’t have the excuse that they didn’t hear about the event.


Of course, if you want to invite a more selective group of people, the invitations should be sent with the same advance in notice; and if possible ask for confirmation that they will attend to the event.

You can also invest a little in advertising media and posters that indicate exactly where the property is located, the date and time of the event.

Hire a service that attends guests

It’s also common to serve snacks or drinks at the Open House, so if you hire a team of people who cater to the guests, they will surely feel more comfortable.

You can also instruct the real estate agents to take care that everything is in order in the property and ensure that potential buyers have all their doubts clarified.

Wondering how to make a successful Open House? We hope that this information has been very useful for you 😉


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